Saamu Bai was not always this brave, the situation got her to become so. A Pakistani migrant of the 1971 war, Saamu had experienced poverty and struggle in the Thar to a point where most would give up but she fought her way out. The art of Kashida ran in her family. She was no exception to it ever since her childhood. All she needed was an opportunity to finesse her art. Urmul helped her with this and now its been 21 years of her association with the Income Generation Programme at the organisation.

Saamu Bai is from village 2AD in Bikaner district and is presently working with 40 women in her village training them on the intricacies of the art. She trains them in Kashida and helps them earn a living, Her eagerness to learn has her step out of the house and travel across places like Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi and Varanasi for up-scaling her art. She also had her first flight experience in the process. Saamu Bai never went to school but today she maintains a register of all the women working with her in the village. She not only writes their details but also manages their account. She is an inspiration to the women in her village as she has shown them that hardwork and commitment will get them the respect they deserve. It would be a great means to add to the family income.

With her vast experience Saamu Bai not only does Kashida but also helps in the designing process today. Her journey began with Urmul’s training and today she gives the organisation all the credit for the tremendous support they extended over all the years.