The Thar Desert, renowned for its harsh and extreme climate, is facing an ironic twist as it struggles to sustain itself due to the changing environmental conditions and desertification.

It has been traditionally known as an unforgiving environment where adaptation is difficult. However, in today’s reality, the desert itself is fighting to survive against the challenges imposed by the shifting climate.

Amidst the challenges posed by climate change, its effects on land, life and living of the Thar desert have become increasingly apparent, with increasing temperature, heatwaves and in the previous month with floods emerging as a significant concern.

It is ironic how we once sought water deep under the dunes, and now floods have emerged, linked to climate change. Rajasthan’s rainfall pattern has shifted, with more ‘heavy rain’ days causing recurrent floods, even in desert areas like Bikaner. From 1989 to 2018, rainfall data reveals a notable increase in ‘heavy rain’ days, mainly in the western region. Bajju village and the nearby village faced floods, causing a halt in transportation, impacting farming, and disrupting the daily lives of people, prompting us to consider the urgent need for climate action.

The current year has witnessed numerous alerts across different districts of Rajasthan, signalling the occurrence of rainfall, thunderstorms, hailstones, heatwaves, and strong winds. These natural phenomena pose significant challenges for the local population, directly impacting their way of life. While the desert has historically relied on limited rainfall, these gradual changes in the climate are now adversely affecting its delicate ecology.

It is of growing significance to confront these challenges head-on, acknowledge their existence, and proactively initiate efforts aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change. Just as deserts naturally possess resilience, there arises a pressing requirement to cultivate resilience anew, taking deliberate measures that strive to restore ecological equilibrium to the vulnerable Thar Desert