The Income Generation Programme has been working to facilitate the ecosystem for enhancing crafts value chain in the Thar desert by providing a package of support services to artisans, craft organisations and leaders. These enabling services include crafts and management training, introduction of new forms of crafts, revolving funds and access to markets, technologies, experimentation, knowledge and learning. The project aims at holistic growth and empowerment of rural artisans and continuance of the century old art fading art forms.

The team is working with a network of over 5000 artisans which includes 550 artisans of Indo-Pak war displaced families to enhance their earning through providing market linkage and training for better management and meeting the industrial standard to run their small business at the same time developing a platform for artisans to hone and showcase their skills. The project aims at strengthening and facilitating the artisans to start their enterprise and run it on their own.