Urmul Seemant, Bajju and Plan International have been working together since 1996 on different themes ranging from child protection, child participation, economic security, women empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, education, water and sanitation, emergency response and disaster risk reduction, environment, energy, sustainable farming, entrepreneurship development etc. PU Bajju is committed that all mothers’ children, adolescents from marginalized communities have improved maternal, child health and nutrition status. All the girls and boys below six years have access to developmentally appropriate responsive at home and childcare centers, every child enjoys protection from all form of violence in all settings through effective, every child get quality education, competent and responsive child protection systems linked to communities, families and children and young people have enhanced assess to high quality skill development opportunities and all communities where community members practice all hygiene behavior at all times.

Children are in the core of all the activities accomplished by PU and in a year we have been able to create a cadre of change champions who have been highly instrumental in bringing the change in their respective communities through advocacy and direct innovative innovations.